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The Carpet Cleaning Dilemma: Which Method to Use?

The time is finally here. It is time to clean your carpets. But how can you decide which method to use?

While both dry and steam Carpet Cleaning Company in Sydney methods are trendy, which one is better?

Steam can’t remove stains from carpets

The steam cleaning debate is a great opportunity to explain the truth about how carpets get cleaned. Both commercial and domestic machines generate steam when they use hot water. However, steam alone does not clean your carpet.

This machine also allows you to spray your carpet with detergent. The detergent is activated by hot water, which makes it alkaline in artificial carpets. Acidic is the case for natural fibers or wool. To remove all the water, a wet vac will be used.

You can rent a Steam Cleaner, but be ready to wait

A carpet steam cleaner can be purchased or rented for the home. For these models, hot tapwater is required to operate. Machines borrowed from the hardware store or supermarket may contain a heating component.

In both machines, the solution is placed in the machine. This is then stirred over the rug slowly and without hurry. The machine then will suck the water up, leaving it out.

The carpets will dry in 12-24 hours. Sometimes, carpets can shrink when they dry. This will be no problem, unless your carpet is made from 100% raw natural fibers.

Professional steam cleaning dries more quickly

It is also possible to hire someone who has the necessary expertise and equipment to steam clean carpets. They use powerful equipment or machines that can be connected to cars.

Due to its higher power, a professional steam carpet cleaner can spray more detergent on the carpet while sucking up additional water. When you utilize a carpet steam cleaner, your carpets will dry in less time.

Cleaning carpets with dry shampoo takes less time

Dry cleaning carpets is also possible by using dry chemical combination. No matter how much dirt they find, these chemicals will dissolve it.

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